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Joe Keiser Joseph F Keiser has been in the executive search practice in Southeast Asia since 1985. He assisted in opening the regional office of one of the major international executive search firms and served as the Regional Managing Partner until 1991 when he began devoting all of his efforts to Indonesia. Mr. Keiser is a veteran of our industry in Southeast Asia, having successfully completed many assignments for both multinational and local clients in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan, as well as Indonesia. Besides his East Asian experience, Mr. Keiser previously worked for one of the best-recognized consumer goods companies in building up their operations in the Middle East and Africa. Originally from America, Mr. Keiser speaks Bahasa Indonesia and is well versed in the Southeast Asian cultural environments.

Santyku_181540 Santy Ikayah is our top ranking Indonesian in charge of our Indonesian and Thailand domestic searches. Originally from Jakarta, of Java/Sunda heritage, as a Senior Consultant and Recruiter she is able to gain access to the full complement of information resources required for the successful completion of all of our assignments. Ms. Santy is responsible for Candidate Development on all assignments within Indonesia and overseas.

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